R&P-ers, tell me a little known fact about yourself?

Answer I am very good looking.I also play keyboard and guitar.

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Is this a fact that I will simply have to accept?

Definitely not. You can never guess what's next in life.

Tell me the keyboard shortcuts in detail. when we wil use and how we will use them. please tell me.?

Kiran,There are so many shortcut Keys are to work out. But I am not able to Type All of them. Some of them you can use from below. If u need more please mention your mail address i will forward you... Read More »

What one singer or band do you know for a fact you will still be listening to in 25 years time?

I very much doubt that I will still be around in 25 years time, but if I am:Singer- difficult, very difficult. So many to choose from, but I only first heard of Her some 7 months ago, and I think S... Read More »

I am can't wait to see my ultrasound! Will I be able to tell what my baby will look like?

Awwww...such a cute babby! I bet she will win lots of beauty pageants!j-r