What is a good current event to write about?

Answer Voter fraud committed by ACORN.

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When will the event be back on UK tv?

Probably early March as its back on on the US on the 28th Feb 2011 and we are about 2 weeks behind.

What does your current ring-tone tell the world about you?

My ringtone is currently "Crush Crush Crush" by Paramore.What does it say about me? Probably that I enjoy angsty chick rock. Does that qualify *me* as angsty? Probably a bit, but we all have our lo... Read More »

How to Tell How Someone Is Feeling from Their Current Choice of Random Colour?

Have you ever wondered how to read others feelings or thoughts? Well, if you ask them one simple question, you could open up a whole range of possibilities...

Tell me the keyboard shortcuts in detail. when we wil use and how we will use them. please tell me.?

Kiran,There are so many shortcut Keys are to work out. But I am not able to Type All of them. Some of them you can use from below. If u need more please mention your mail address i will forward you... Read More »