Will you still receive funds after adopting your foster child?

Answer This varies from state to state. You will no longer receive a stipend or board rate, but may qualify for an adoption subsidy. Generally you will only qualify if the child is a special needs child ... Read More »

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If your foster child is away at a treatment center will you still get paid?

Probably since you're still their guardian and responsible for them. Hopefully you aren't in it for the money's about the children.

I am thinking of adopting a foster child later when I'm adult i think i will not gong to marry until I've stabilized my family condition But i always dreamed of being a young father Any comments?

Not many people would want to marry into a pre-existing relationship between you and your adopted child. I am not used to the concept of an unmarried person having "stabilized their family conditi... Read More »

If adopting a foster child do the state help you?

If your wife and you acquired a foster child while married then she adopts it by herself after your divorce can she sue you for child support?

You never agreed to any responsibility regarding that child, you weren't involved in the adoption in any way, and have no parental rights or responsibilities to that child.