Will you start to show at 16 weeks if this is your first pregnancy?

Answer This depends on how you are built to begin with but most women start to show in the second trimester. How much they show differs.

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If you start to get a lot of headaches three weeks after sex could that be a sign of pregnancy?

Can the linea nigra show up 3 weeks into a pregnancy?

Well, I started noticing a faint brown line starting from my belly button to my pubic hairline at 5 weeks, it may be possible that it could occur at 3 weeks. Every woman and every pregnancy is diff... Read More »

In 2 weeks of pregnancy does your belly button start to grow out?

if you think your pregnant and you don't wanna say anything too my mom and dad what should i do?

If you have had sex 2 weeks ago and you start getting cramps a week after is that a sign of pregnancy?

Answer no nessecerily you could b an u couldnt these are things u need 2 consider have u misssed a period if u have then go to a gum clinic get a pregnancy test an u will soon find out ok i hope i... Read More »