Can someone tell me of a good student loan lender that will not send money to college.?

Answer There are 2 ways to go about what you are looking for. It is my understanding from this question, you are looking for loan money to live off of, pay bills, etc, and not apply direct toward cost of... Read More »

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Sony handcam Dcr-sr47 wont send video over but will send the sound of the video.?

The Sony DCR-SR47 is a internal hard disc drive based, standard definition, consumer grade camcorder. It records video to MPG files.If you only want to play back the video, download and install VLC... Read More »

Sometimes I will be asked to send an error report, and often when I do I will get a spill down....?

Sounds like a trojan virus that has attached itself to a Windows EXE file, and I recommend running a good anti-virus program. I have personally had good luck with Avira, it does an excellent job w... Read More »

If I send Apple my iPhone 3GS when the new iPhone comes out, will they send me an iPhone 4?

Phones are made with a built in obsolescence. They want you buying a new phone. Why on earth would they give you a new phone? They would much rather you buy one.

Will NASA send any people to mars?

We can only hope!  Well first they are working on the constalation thing and then they will start sending rockets to mars for prep. for people going to mars. For a even better explanation going to... Read More »