How do you send Jay Leno a funny newspaper ad?

Answer the best 1 is canon bolt

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Does renewal of an auto insurance policy have to be done in person or can you send a check for the correct amount of the renewal quote ahead of time?

What is the origin of the name Lebowski?

The exact origin and meaning of the last name Lebowski is unknown, however, most immigrants named Lebowski who moved to the United States of America came from Preussen. Some immigrants from Sweden ... Read More »

Which movie do you prefer, Fargo or The Big Lebowski?

FargoI like The Big Lebowski and all, but I just prefer Fargo.

Was the movie "Anger Management" suppose to be funny if so,,how it was funny?

Yes, it was.It was funny because the Psychiatrist Dr Rydell kept annoying the main character Dave. It was also funny when one of the anger management participants clenched his fist close to Dave's ... Read More »