Why is a diaper like a baby?

Answer because a baby diaper is always full of boo boo and you use the both to put on!!!!!!!!!

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Name something toys do that make them seem like a real baby?

They cry, wet their pants, talk crawl, and their eyes open and close (family feud answers)

During the first trimester of pregnancy can you feel the baby and if so what does it feel like?

Answer Most likely you will not feel the baby move until the 2nd trimester. If you felt the baby move in the first trimester, it would be in the 3rd month and you would feel a little tickle or flut... Read More »

How Does an Adult Diaper Differ From a Baby Diaper?

Social scientists have debated and argued that the mass media, whether through news or television programming, reinforces cultural stereotypes or images of crime and criminals when counters could b... Read More »

A few months ago you had sex but don't know if Im pregnant Im tired a lot not so much hungry your periods are late and you can feel something hard like bones in your stomach you can also feel a?