Will you please take my Soda Survey?

Answer Root Beer with ice.

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Anyone up for Milk or Soda Survey?

Regular MilkCokeSprite Pepsi Max Chocolate Milkyou to scooter

Anyone up for a Soda or Juice Survey?

1)Orange Juice or Orange Soda? Both2) Grape Juice or Grape Soda? None.3) Pineapple Juice or Pineapple Soda? None4) Root Beer or Apple Juice? Apple Juice5) 7Up or Lemonade? Umm, can I say both again... Read More »

Survey~Do you like soda with cherry added?

Yes, Bob I like Cherry Coke, too! Hard to find around here, though! Cola with lemon would be nice to sip on a hot day and if you drink it would be easy to make Cuba Libre's. :) Happy Hump Day!

Survey: If i were to take the last cold soda and had no intention of replacing it. How should i be punished?

I'd take away something you really wanted real bad,I mean real bad,and I mean real real bad,that should be sufficiant punishment,I say a spanking,but I prefer to recieve them than give them ;)