Will you please star this question?

Answer cokestar for you because you asked nice

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Can you star this question please:)?

I wasn't going to but after you said you love MJ you got on my good side. Go head girl. Im so happy you have good taste.

Can you star this question please i have no stars?

theres a star sweetie that puppy is friggen cute!!!!

Please star this question if you like names from my culture?

Slappy your culture has some of the most beautiful names I have ever heard...Ppl just dont understand...I mean, how could you not like Braunshitta? or Horseshitta?

ALL WOMEN: What do you think are the qualities that defines a Man :] (Please STAR this question!)?

A man that can live without me.I have dated a few guys that had the attitude of, "Without you, I'd die." Um. No, you wouldn't. That's pathetic.A gal doesn't want to hear that a guy dislikes himself... Read More »