Please define the term ELLIPSE In MS WORD. Please be plain please.Thank you ?

Answer Ellipse does not have much of a meaning with respect to a word processor. However, ellipsis does. An ellipsis is three dots that follow a series of words and alludes to something that is not mentio... Read More »

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Please help please please I don't think I will be able to go to college :(?

your not going to find much with a 2.6, but you can use some scholarships, pull up the GPA, and then qualify for more out there...i dont know your interest or details, so i will post all that i hav... Read More »

Please anyone define CDF?

CDF stands for Channel Definition Format. It's a text file that denotes what you have available on your site. And it's what sets up your Active Channel. Here's what my CDF file, named goodies.cdf, ... Read More »

What is a tracking cookie [Help please, will choose best answer!] PLEASE?

IDK what it is either! and u the person above me what the fk u doin!i can do that more than you watch!GIVE HIM A STARR!GIVE HIM A STARR!GIVE HIM A STARR!GIVE HIM A STARR!GIVE HIM A STARR!GIVE HIM A... Read More »


Go to History then "show in sidebar" or use CTRL + H, then find the url or type a portion of it in the search box, right click and delete if you're using firefoxif you're using IE click on the hist... Read More »