Will you need to get insurance if you rent out your flat?

Answer Yes

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How old do you have to be to rent a flat?

At the age of 16 in most cases a landlord wouldn't rent out to you unless you were 18 or over as they cant be sure to rely on you, whereas it's probably a different story with the counic houses and... Read More »

What age can rent your own flat?

Legally once you hit 18 you can rent your own flat, since that's when you are legally able to sign a lease contract. However being able to rent and actually renting are two different things. Most l... Read More »

How to Rent a London Flat Weekly?

If you’re visiting London and you’re scared of the prices hotels are charging, don’t despair. Renting a flat can be a great solution to this problem. Holiday apartments, which are usually ren... Read More »

How to Find a Flat to Rent in London?

The rental market in London 2012 is currently at its most competitive for many years. As a tenant who has recently experienced the ups and downs of flat hunting in London I have published these tip... Read More »