Will you loose weight with exercise alone?

Answer You have given us waaaayyyyyyyyyy too little information to intelligently or accurately answer you. You haven't told us what your current diet is, and we don't know how much you weigh, and whether... Read More »

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Will I lose weight with this type of exercise regime 10 points?

if you lower the amount of calories you consume per day lower than what you expend, you will lose weight

If a mental illness was caused by weight issues will insurance pay to fix the weight issue if diet and exercise failed?

Answer Good question - Check you might check the Mental Illness Parity Act

Will i loose weight at the end?

If you stick to Insanity, you will see great results. As for the foods, just be more conscious of what goes onto your body and try to get a nice balance of nutrients. To stay away from junk food, j... Read More »

Will smoking help me loose weight!?

By losing that right lung, you'll lose about 2 pounds.