How to Pass a Spanish Test?

Answer If you are taking the Spanish language in high school or college, you will likely be tested on your proficiency in the language at some point. School is not the only place you will encounter a Span... Read More »

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Is the driver's test available in Spanish in Alabama?

Yes, in Alabama, the driver's test is available in Spanish, as well as in Japanese, Korean, German, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, Greek, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese and English. The multi-lingual d... Read More »

How to Study for the USF Spanish Placement Test?

The University of San Francisco (USF) requires all arts, science and international business majors to take foreign language courses. If you have previously studied or are knowledgeable in a foreign... Read More »

Ways to Prepare for GED Test in Spanish?

GED stands for general equivalency diploma. The GED exam is given to students to show that they have knowledge equivalent to a high school education. It is possible for members of Spanish-speaking ... Read More »

Taking a drug test for employment, are they able to test the amount of marijuana smoked or only neg/pos result?

only neg or positive i am a medical assistant...they can find out amounts with a blood test