What will I be tested on, on the drivers test Help please!?

Answer It depends on where you are but here is an example....The passenger car road test usually takes about 15 minutes. It will test your ability to make basic maneuvers needed in everyday driving. You w... Read More »

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If I put a drug test strip I'm water will it say come up as void or will it test correctly?

How would learning spanish help you with a career with nasa?

Well Learning Spanish well held you in NASA because you well never know if people talk spanish in NASA and you will use it one day.

How to Speak Spanish With Vocal Help?

When you are learning a new language it is essential to learn how to say the words correctly, as mispronunciation can be embarrassing or even offensive. The best way to learn and understand how a w... Read More »

Help with NREMT test?

Re read your text book. The NREMT is actually designed to pass you. Best advice I can give you, pay attention to the question and answer the question. Some questions deliberately skip steps, you ne... Read More »