For the sake of my odious co-workers, will some expert please give an accurate number for the shelf life?

Answer Well, technically, it *can* live forever.... *crosses fingers and hopes that the curry was christian* Get rid of it soon before it turns into zombie chicken curry and roams the kitchen in search of... Read More »

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Can Turbo Sim unlock iPhone 4 like factory unlock will the iPhone 4 get lock again when you reset it into the factory setting?

Can any 1 factory unlock cheaper my iPhone stuck on uk three network plz give me some idea .......?

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What does a rose flower give to a honey bee?

When a honey bee goes to a flower, it goes to collect the pollen. This is called mutualism between the two species because they are both helped by their interaction. The bee gains pollen in which i... Read More »

Google adsense, ill need to give loads of personal info including social secturity number or feral id number?

You can't. And you would be guilty of fraud and tax evasion. Considering tax evasion is what got Al Capone, you really do not want to do that.