Will you give me an example of what you consider "Top Shelf" Liquor?

Answer Twin Sisters vodka (served ice cold, straight)Glenmorangie single malt scotchPatron Silver tequilaDanzante Pinot Grigio (white wine)

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What is the shelf life of open bottles of liquor?

On One Hand: 30 Years or MoreFull proof liquors have no expiration date, and should last thirty years or more, according to the New Jersey Star Ledger. Full proof liquors are those with 40 percent ... Read More »

For the sake of my odious co-workers, will some expert please give an accurate number for the shelf life?

Well, technically, it *can* live forever.... *crosses fingers and hopes that the curry was christian* Get rid of it soon before it turns into zombie chicken curry and roams the kitchen in search of... Read More »

Do you always order/use top shelf liquor?

We never use top shelf for mixing drinks. Top shelf is designed to be served neat, or on the rocks. There are plenty of good medium-priced alternatives when mixing drinks. Save your money.

Will you please give me some example of fruit starting with letter e?

Eastern May Hawthorn (Crataegus aestivalis; Rosaceae, better known as mayhaw.)Elderberry (Sambucus; Caprifoliaceae)Elephant Apple (Dillenia indica; Dilleniaceae)Emblica, see Indian gooseberryEmu Ap... Read More »