Will you get a retirement package from the air force if you served 4 years active and 16 years reserve?

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What if they wouldn't approve your retirement after 30 years service in the Air Force and left with an honorable discharge can you still apply for a retirement?

There Military can not deny your retirement. If you put in your 20+ years and did not leave the military under bad terms then you should be receiving a pension.

How many points towards retirement does 10.5 years in active duty for the USN make?

A person in the United States Navy earns a point towards retirement for every day in active duty. This means that a person who has served 10.5 years (3,826 days) would have earned 3,826 points towa... Read More »

Does the Air force ROTC active duty service commitment 5 years?

Can the Army ROTC pay for my bachelor's degree and medical school before i serve in Active Duty and in the Army Reserve for 6 or 8 years?