Will you drink less bear even if the price increases....?

Answer My dear Anamika....HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA- I have not laughed this much in a L O N G time...How sweet of you to make all of us laugh soooooooo MUCH...Thank you Anamika...I really needed a good laugh.... Read More »

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Reasons for Price Increases in Fertilizers?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the prices paid for fertilizer were the highest on record in September 2008. According to the same agency, fertilizer prices decline... Read More »

Good products for your face that will make your pores smaller, less acne, and even toned?

this will probably sound weird, but i swear by it: egg yolk. it is cheap and it moisturizes, tones and reduces pore size. i do this about 2 times a week and never use anything else. you apply it to... Read More »

How can i stop myself from turning into a drunken hussy everytime i drink (i dont want 2 drink any less)?

what's your phone number? you have plans for friday?

Flat-Rate Increases Vs. Percentage Increases in Employee Wages?

Flat rate is also sometimes called piece rate and is a kind of performance-based compensation method. Being paid in flat rate means that the employee is being paid on the basis of the number of pie... Read More »