Will you die from hepatitis c?

Answer On One Hand: Hepatitis C Is CurableAntiviral medications can clear the virus from your body, according to the Mayo Clinic. The medications can, however, cause depression and flu-like symptoms such ... Read More »

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When will I develop Hepatitis and or HIV?

Awww don't worry! Those are really safe nowadays. If this was the 1980s I might worry but you'll be fine! To put your mind at ease talk to your doctor. You could take a test now and then again in 6... Read More »

If child had vaccine for hepatitis will he get again?

How long will an alcoholic live with Hepatitis C?

The answer is never knows. Thats the issue with HCV. Drinking will only cause more damage at a much faster rate and also increases the viral load, no doubt. If he is jaundiced now... Read More »

What will help chronic fatigue with Hepatitis C?

On One Hand: Antidepressants May Reduce FatigueAccording to, up to 67 percent of individuals with chronic Hepatitis C (HCV) suffer from fatigue; however, controlled studies have sho... Read More »