Will you deliver early if your cervix is 1cm?

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What happens to your cervix when you are ready to deliver?

Where should the cervix be in early pregnancy?

During ovulation the cervix is SHOW (soft, high,open and wet). Around the time of menstruation the cervix is low and hard. I've heard OB/GYNs making this analogy when referring to a pregnant vs. no... Read More »

What Should Your Cervix Feel Like in Early Pregnancy?

The firmness and position of a woman's cervix, the lowest point of the uterus where it meets the vagina, changes throughout her menstrual cycle. When a woman is pregnant, her cervix will rise and b... Read More »

How open should your cervix be during early pregnancy?

During early pregnancy your cervix should not .....repeat not be open (dilated) at all. Later in your third trimester you may become 1-2cm dilated, this is a sign that labor is near.