DVD playing AVI files Some will work.. some won't?

Answer Some dvd players won't be able to play AVI or DivX. You have to convert it to MPEG. It also depends on the compression, burning speed and disc quality. Use a lower burning speed like 4x or 6x and h... Read More »

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Why won't my blu-ray disc play some will some wont?

I got a serious papercut... I think I saw some blood. How many stitches will I need, and will I get an IV?

Ohhh lucky you! I bet you can get one of those neato morphine drips. It'd be like you were on Jeopardy!"What is MORPHINE!"

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What are some REAL detoxing diets that will work within two or three weeks and what will the cranky factor?

I'm not a big believer when it comes to gimmicky detox diets Striney... plenty of exercise, healthy eating and drinking plenty of water would be my suggestion...AND...cucumbers will of course help ... Read More »