Will you be ripped off by the FCC by the Digital Tv conversion ?

Answer You're basically correct that it's expected that some percentage of the population will have problems receiving the new DTV channels. One ray of hope is that many of the present DTV channel assignm... Read More »

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What is Digital to analog conversion?

A digital input (in the form of a number) is converted into analog format, which could be a voltage or a signal frequency, for example. An example, which most people would be familiar with, is your... Read More »

What is the reason (s) for the conversion to digital TV from analog TV?

The conversion process is to fundamentally free up RF spectrum for mobile communications (which has been auctioned off), and emergency services.By having TV broadcasters go digital, they can squeez... Read More »

Digital TV Conversion Problems & Solutions?

In 2009, all full-power television programming broadcasters were required to make the switch to broadcasting exclusively in a digital format. While consumers that receive local channels by subscrib... Read More »

Has anyone performed a digital camera conversion to IR?

Have you read Bjørn Rørslett's pages? He has done extensive IR and UV photography with Nikon dSLR gear. This is probably as good a place as any to start:â€... Read More »