Will you be evicted if your cosigner dies?

Answer Probably not - especially if you've been living there long enough to have established your own credit history with your landlord.Of course, if it was your co-signer who had been paying most of your... Read More »

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Does a loan cosigner have to pay the remaining fees if the borrower dies?

Yes, PRIVATE student requiring cosigners have none of the benefits of their federal student loan counterparts.... so if a student dies or becomes disabled and the loan has yet to be paid in full th... Read More »

How do you grow coriander bought from wet market with its roots intact tried 2 days later plants wilts and dies tried seeds takes 7 days to shoot then dies.?

Can you be evicted in three days?

On One Hand: Eviction Process Takes Longer Than Three DaysWhile eviction laws vary from state to state, the process cannot be fully completed in three days. Generically speaking, according to findl... Read More »

I'm going to be evicted it i can't get this grant please help.?

Try going to and click on "benefits and grants" you should try CSA(Community Service Agency) in your city they have money for those who can't pay. The city government runs that for your... Read More »