Will you allow a Down syndrome child to live?

Answer Yes, absolutely!

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How likely is a sibling of a down syndrome child to have a child with down syndrome?

Will a Down syndrome kid live a normal life?

The answer is NO. They are not normal every day people. They will live a normal life of a normal Down syndrome person. I believe you mean how long will they live? They can live as long as any human... Read More »

Can you compare a child with Down syndrome with another child having Down syndrome?

Special needs teacher should exhibit an attitude of manner relevent (sp) to the inidividual's needs; must have the power of feeling; a great disposition because people can usually sense a bad dispo... Read More »

What are some of the physical characteristics that a child with Down syndrome will exhibit?

Your healthcare provider will be able to make the best recommendation based on your eating habits, nutritional needs, and how sensitive you are to what is in the vitamins.Answer:"Prenatal vitamins ... Read More »