Indigenous Art Grants?

Answer Indigenous art grants provide monies to Native American, Alaskan Native and Hawaiian Native individuals who are interested in pursuing an education or career in the arts. There are several universi... Read More »

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What is an indigenous flower?

Rather than give you a scientific botanical answer, here's a simple one related to human beings that helps to describe this kind of plant or flower. In Australia, the Aboriginal people are indigen... Read More »

Where are peacocks indigenous?

Peacock refers to the male of the peafowl. Three species of peafowl come from various parts of the world. The Indian peafowl is native to India and Pakistan, while the green peafowl comes from Sout... Read More »

Snakes Indigenous to Kansas?

The indigenous snake species of Kansas are varied and numerous, ranging in size from a few inches to several feet. The state's many different natural habitat types make suitable homes for 38 differ... Read More »

Are sapphires indigenous to Arizona?

Sapphire is not native to Arizona but is mined extensively in Montana. Peridot, jasper and turquoise are native semi-precious gemstones in Arizona. Peridot is the most extensively mined, while turq... Read More »