Will windmill power make electric bills go down?

Answer On One Hand: Yes It WillAfter the initial cost of installing a wind power system, your monthly electricity should go down dramatically. Wind is a free, renewable energy source, and as long as the w... Read More »

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How much power will a 40-foot windmill generate?

The power generated by a 40-foot windmill cannot be determined without other information. The formula for calculating windmill power also takes into account windmill efficiency, which is often not ... Read More »

Will Central Heat and A/C Tune-Ups Decrease My Electric Bills?

According to U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average American household uses more energy for cooling than for any other purpose, including lights and refrigerators. Regular maintenance ... Read More »

After shutting down at night do you turn off power at electric socket or leave computer on standby?

Personally I dont ever shut my computer off I leave it running 24/7. But for people who do shut them down you dont need to shut the power strip off, just use the shutdown option from the start men... Read More »

Homemade Electric Windmill Parts?

As nonrenewable energy becomes increasingly scarce, the use of wind power and other sources of renewable energy will increase. The most elaborate part of making a windmill is assembling each of its... Read More »