Will white blood cells in a baby cause baby to scream for hours?

Answer You are describing nerve pain, he needs to see a Neurologist ASAP!

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My pregnant daughter is in her third trimester and have been told that the baby's cells are mixed in her blood. What are those dangers and what does it mean?

AnswerI hope that she has the Rh factor or was given an injection of this because if the baby has the Rh factor in its blood and your daughter doesn't then this could cause major complications. Tal... Read More »

If a man that is half black and half white has a baby with a all white woman what are the odds of the baby being white skinned?

I'll have to go with white because many people i know that is like that normally they come out the same color of their mother.

Does blood type matter when donating white blood cells?

On One Hand: Standard GuidelinesDonated white blood cell products may contain small amounts of red blood cells. According to FDA guidelines, if a blood product contains more than 2 mL (milliliters)... Read More »

Can you tell the difference between an African American baby and a white baby on a 3D ultrasound?

You cannot determine whether the baby is African American or caucasian on a 3D ultrasound. You can determine the sex of the baby, depending on the position of the baby and how active it's being dur... Read More »