Will wearing over ear headphones cause tinnitus?

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Can wearing headphones cause you to go deaf even if the volume is low?

There is a case study of 136 people that wear earphones all day in their every day work environment, and they found no evidence of an increase in infection of the ear canal among the subjects. Ther... Read More »

Will not wearing a cup bra cause sagging?

Going without a bra doesn't make your breasts sag. Rather, sagging is caused by a number of different factors, such as the amount of breast tissue, the weakening of ligaments with age and changes i... Read More »

While wearing my headphones I touched my tv screen static came out and started to make white noise in my headphones it didn't stop until I pulled the headphones out what causes this?

No, neither headphones or a headset comes with the PSP 3000. They must be bought separately, and can be found at many retail stores selling PSPs, games, and accessories, online retail stores like h... Read More »

Can HIV cause tinnitus?

HIV itself is not known to cause tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. However, stress, anxiety, depression and medication side effects--all of which are common in people with HIV--may cause tinnitus.S... Read More »