Will wearing PJs help you sleep?

Answer On One Hand: Pajamas Can Facilitate SleepA good night's sleep is invaluable, and wearing pajamas serves several purposes. For one, dressing for bed helps establish a routine that aids in falling as... Read More »

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Wearing A Bra to Sleep?

I've heard that wearing a bra to sleep pushes your breasts up, it doesn't stop them from growing... and no it doesn't give you worms... cancer I really don't know... Research it.

Is it better for women to sleep with or without wearing a bra?

Without, for sure. Even if you have large breasts. They don't actually "need support" until you've gotten them used to wearing a bra. Like other parts of your body, your breasts actually have li... Read More »

Can you get breast cancer from wearing a bra to sleep?

No. There is no documented scientific evidence anywhere that suggests that wearing a bra to bed causes cancer. It's a myth.American Cancer Society: Bras and Breast Cancer Email Rumorhttp://www.canc... Read More »

What would you do if you saw your ten year old son in town wearing one of his sisters satin pyjamas with his friends who were also wearing the same kind of thing?

they want to look cool because they are not secure with their friends so they try to show off