Will wearing PJs help you sleep?

Answer On One Hand: Pajamas Can Facilitate SleepA good night's sleep is invaluable, and wearing pajamas serves several purposes. For one, dressing for bed helps establish a routine that aids in falling as... Read More »

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Is there any products out there that will help me to sleep better or help put me to sleep?

Anything with diphenhydramine will knock you on your a*s. Any sleep aid and Benadryl are good examples. Just stay away from the green death that is Nyquil...LOL

Will wearing an eyepatch help my eye?

patching is for children under 8. and its for amblyopia (real lazy eye) not for strabismus (turned eye) which is what i assume you're describing

Will Wearing My Hooters Uniform To The Mall Help Me Pick Up Guys?

I would think, with your Gene Simmons-lite makeup, you'd already be able to pick up any mall rat you wanted. But, yeah, the Hooters Uniform would broaden your appeal and enable you to expand beyond... Read More »

Are there exercises that will help a gentleman recover from an evening wearing a corset?

For the concomitant rug burns and lash marks that we're all visualizing with some degree of Ewwness, only rest and Neosporin will help. For all the rest, there's beer.