What are some funny unique jokes I can tell at school tommorow?

Answer If you're gay this is nothing against you! Really!A bear and a rabbit are walking in the forest when they come across an antique oil lamp. They rub it and *poof!* out pops a genie. He says, "you ea... Read More »

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Hey ladies! I have a blood test tommorow...?

Maybe your progesterone levels... but dont quote me on that because Im unsure...But good luck hunni.. hopefully all us TTC ladies will conceive soon! We all deserve it...we have been so patient and... Read More »

If you have boob at thirteen, you will be fat in high school?

Um, you're supposed to have boobs at 13.... That's just plain weird if you don't.

What degree will you have after beauty school?

Beauty schools issue diplomas or certificates on completion of their programs. As all states require beauticians to be licensed, look for schools whose programs are accredited by the state in which... Read More »

If I File for Bankruptcy Will the School Have to Release My Transcripts?

Colleges and universities, as well as private secondary schools, can refuse to release your official transcript if you still owe money for tuition or other fees to the school. Bankruptcy can assist... Read More »