What foods will combat depression?

Answer blueberries dark chocolate salmon spinach oats brocolli pumpkin sunshine soy exercize

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What natural herbs will decrease depression?

Some herbs have shown promise when used to treat depression. Certain herbs have the ability to improve mood and enhance energy levels, while others help decrease depression by treating related symp... Read More »

Will not getting enough sleep bring on depression?

Yes. because of the lack of sleep your mood tends to swing low. Lack of sleep for long periods of time can bring about depression.

Will gold prices lower during a recession or a depression?

During times of economic uncertainty, people tend to become insecure and fearful. Many run out and buy gold because it feels safe and secure.Gold and RecessionGold usually is a good safety net agai... Read More »

Are there any natural herbs that will help with depression?

hey there sweety I am so sorry about your dads illness, i lost my mum 8 weeks ago to terminal ms after suffering and battling for 14 years with her illness so i understand your grief and pain.You d... Read More »