Will wattpad give my laptop a virus?

Answer Will if Noton said it is safe Then it must be safe. It may not be so i suggest you getting more answers before trying it out.

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Will Limewire give me a virus?

Sooner or later, absolutely 100%.EDIT: You're getting files THROUGH Limewire, not from them. You have absolutely no idea where they are coming from. Not to mention, people have been fined millions ... Read More »

Will "iTunes" give computer a virus?

Hey!iTunes is owned by Apple, so it will not give a virus. When you download songs from iTunes, the songs aren't saved on iTunes. They are just a playlist. The songs are saved on your computer. Wha... Read More »

Will this give me a virus on tumblr?

Have a good antivirus software enabled in your pc! So that you would be ok!

My sister put Limewire on my computer! Will it give me a virus?

No, Limewire itself will not give you a virus, but some of the computers that you connect to may have a virus attacched to the files that you are sharing. Remember ANY Peer to Peer Network file sh... Read More »