Will watermelon seeds grow without soil?

Answer Answer Hydroponics is an interesting subject for investigation. Use the link and read about a way to grow things without soil. There is some criticality to sprouting the seed using this method, and... Read More »

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Is it true that if I swallow a watermelon seed a watermelon will grow in my stomach?

LoL question.In Soviet Russia, watermelon grows you!

I just swallowed a watermelon seed. does that mean a watermelon will now grow in me im scared...HELP!!!?

did you also swallow sunshine and soil? if not then you are probably safe look for it on the way out to be sure

Will plants grow without planting any seeds?

No Because in a seed is a plant so it would be impossible.Some plants will grow from cuttings. Plants like geraniums and daisies grow very easily in this way. It is a type of cloning, as the offspr... Read More »

Can I grow a watermelon by spitting the seeds on the ground?

You can grow a watermelon from spitting seeds on the ground. Normally, however, watermelon seeds are washed in a strainer with a little dish-washing liquid and then saved in an airtight jar for pla... Read More »