Will vegetarianism delay my son's mental and physical growth?

Answer It's funny how we are all so different isn't it? My kids eats 10 pound steaks and swallow hamburgers whole! I have to fight ot keep him from eating too much red meat. LOL Good things he loves veggi... Read More »

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Does physical health affect mental health more than mental health affect physical?

No, quite ther contrary. Although physical health does effect mental health, mental health almost completely effects physical health.

Is popcorn a physical or mental change?

Inside the hard shell of kernel of popcorn is water surrounded by starch. When heated, the starch becomes a liquid, and the water becomes a gas. The kernel bursts open as the steam expands. The ... Read More »

Is heart disease physical mental or social?

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How to Improve Your Mental and Physical Skills?

A lot of websites, books and articles give suggestions as to how to improve yourself as a person or how to improve your physical health and image. This guide shows how to improve both simultaneously.