Will vaseline make your lashes longer AND thicker?

Answer what Courtney said up there is wrong^Because I use Vaseline to remove my eye makeup. Except, I'm sorry but Vaseline won't make your eyelashes longer and thicker. Although, they do sell products to ... Read More »

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Does vaseline on your eye lashes actually help make them longer?

I have been using vaselline on my lashes for a few months now. I mainly do it to remove any excess mascara left on my lashes. I find that it's best for making my lashes more relaxed and easier to w... Read More »

Have you ever used Vaseline(patroleam jelly) on your eyelashes to make them grow longer and thicker?

Once, I over-plucked my eyebrows and I thought I would leave it to grow out for at least four weeks. In the meanwhile I applied a thin coat of petroleum jelly over it before I went to bed and it di... Read More »

So is it true that Vaseline helps lashes grow longer and really good for the skin?

Vaseline does make lashes grow longer, and become fuller, and can serve as a mascara substitute. As for being good for the skin, it is great on hands, feet, legs, cuticles, arms...basically anywher... Read More »

How to Make Lashes Thicker?

Your eyelash length is unimportant if your lashes are thin and skimpy. If you were not born with thick, full lashes, there are alternatives. Get temporary improvement or a solution that is more per... Read More »