Will using baby powder on an adult males groin area cause infertility?

Answer no

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From an adult males point of view on circumcision?

First off, I love how many women answered this question despite the title stating "from an adult males point of view...". Either y'all are hiding something, or you need to get your eyes checked. As... Read More »

The Best Way to Remove Hair From the Groin Area?

Removing hair from the groin area has become an essential part of grooming due to many of today's fashions. Scanty bathing suit bottoms and stylish underwear, as well as short shorts and miniskirts... Read More »

Need help with rash in groin area (male)?

See a dermatologist. They study skin diseases and disorders. They will be able to give you accurate answers to what it is. I wouldn't trust anyone on here to diagnose you.

I have a sore vein in my groin area.. What could it be?

it could be a slightly raised gland doing it's job and has made itself known whilst clearing your body of a bug that you aren't even aware could be a strain or pull from lifting or m... Read More »