Will using an IV for pain during labor hurt the baby?

Answer Intravenous pain medications have certain side effects. Most of the ones used in labor and delivery are not harmful to the fetus.

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Scale of 1 - 10 (ten being the worst pain possible) how bad does labor hurt?

this is a definitive 10+...but hold on! It's a different pain, as it has a known ending and reason. And it varies, unlike say a broken bone or migraine headache. When I was in transition, in betw... Read More »

When your in labor will liquor help the pain without hurting the baby?

You do not drink alcohol when pregnant or in labor. If something happens and they have to perform surgery you can die. Alcohol doesn't help with anything. During labor you have to be strong, otherw... Read More »

Can taking pain medication hurt the baby?

YES.Any chemical medication is poison.Try working your way around your pain by other means, like natural remedies (but these can be hurtful to babies too, watch out some herbs are toxic to infants)... Read More »

Can the hospital using morphine for mothers pain hurt the unborn baby after extended time?

Pregnant women are at higher risk of developing complications from the H1N1/09 flu virus. They already have stress on their immune systems from the pregnancy and adding illness to that can leave th... Read More »