Will using a flat iron cause hair to break?

Answer On One Hand: Breakage Is Caused by Improper UseFlat irons can cause damage and hair breakage; however, most damage is caused by improper tool selection and operator error. Cheap, metal flat irons a... Read More »

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How to Get Wavy Hair Using a Flat Iron?

Even if you have no curlers or curling iron, you can create waves with a flat iron. You'll need a small flat iron that has rounded or curved edges; a blunt edge will crease your hair. Using a flat ... Read More »

How to Curl Hair Using a CHI Flat Iron?

Although CHI Flat Irons, also referred to as straighteners, are commonly used to straighten hair, they can also be used to curl hair. When using a CHI Flat Iron to curl hair, your hair must be comp... Read More »

How to Get Perfectly Straight Hair Using a Flat Iron?

A flat iron allows you to wear your hair completely straight, regardless of the kind of hair you have. Even someone with the curliest hair can have straight hair with a flat iron. Depending on the ... Read More »

How to Get Shiny Hair While Using a Flat Iron?

Almost every girl wants shiny hair and as little damage as possible while using a flat iron. If this is you, read on my friend!