Will using Limewire to download files harm my computer?

Answer if you know what you are doing, it's pretty easy to avoid downloading viruses. if you are naive to computers, I don't recommend it. The only 100% safe way is to just suck it up and pay the .99 a so... Read More »

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Hey!! Does anyone know what Limewire is Is it free Does it harm your computer at all?

Limewire is a file sharing program. It is free and if you stay away from movies you should be fine. Movies tend to have viruses attached to them. Limewire is alright but you should get soulseek ins... Read More »

Will limewire harm my new computer if so, is there any safe similar sites?

limewire causes no harm until u use them only for music...but for other things risk is too much...and even when u download song look at its must some MBs...sometimes virus files are renam... Read More »

How do I download Limewire to a computer?

Turn on your computer and launch your browser. Navigate to the Limewire download page. Depending on whether you have a MAC or a PC, you should be directed to the proper download page. If you are no... Read More »

What is the best program to download music on that doesnt harm your computer.?

There are quite a number of site able to help you to do so.. like limewire and bearshare, which is free but it is illegal and lot of virus on the song downloaded, which will crash your system easil... Read More »