Will urine become darker in color during pregnancy?

Answer Answer To be honost here I don't think your urine will change colors.. at least mine didn't. Dark urine can mean you are not drinking enough water. I am sure it can mean other things as well but t... Read More »

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Could it be a sign of pregnancy for the vaginal area to become a darker color?

Answer The labia and vaginal area can change in color during pregnancy because of all the increased blood flow and sensitivity I forget the exact term for this sorry I can't be of more help if you ... Read More »

Is dark urine color during pregnancy ok?

Is it normal for your aerolas to get lighter and then darker during the day during early pregnancy?

When during pregnancy does your black line get darker?

Answer If you are talking about the dark line down your tummy, then it would be in the second month, I did not have this but my nipples became darker almost immediately.