Will upgrading my RAM memory speed up my Pc will it help to my slow machine?

Answer Yes, upgrading the Ram will help somewhat to speed up your machine. Windows makes use of a swap file on your harddrive to compensate for a lack of physical memory, but as the harddrive is a mechan... Read More »

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My computer is slow, i was told to install more memory, will this really help to speed it up?

Will upgrading memory speed up my computer?

Thats not the only thing, but a good place to start.Go to Tech Depot and see what kind you need and how much you rig will handle. On the left in memory finder when you get there.http://www.techdepo... Read More »

Will upgrading my RAM speed up my computer?

it can, shouldn't make it slower (in my experience), but if you have more ram you can go into regedit and tell windows to load the entire kernel into ram, this definitely has a speed benefit. ask ... Read More »

Will upgrading the laptop memory from 1.5 GB to 2 GB make the PC run faster?

Adding additional memory to any personal computer causes an increase in performance, no matter the operating system. This rule applies to both desktop PCs and laptop computers, even when upgrading... Read More »