Will unopened foods remain safe after a refrigerator breaks down?

Answer Refrigerator Failure and Life of Foods Stored There Foods that need to be refrigerated should not be unrefrigerated for more than two hours. I remember one summer my refrigerator broke and I immedi... Read More »

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How long will V8 Spicy Hot last unopened in the refrigerator?

If it isn't open it's fine. The use by date is just a suggestion. Open and smell. If it smells like it should enjoy it

Is it safe to stay pregnant for weeks after water breaks?

hi, my waters started leaking at 24 weeks, i was kept in hospital for 3/4 days and it stopped. i was given antibiotics to fight infection and steroid injections to strengthen my little boys lungs. ... Read More »

When do your breasts go back down to their normal size after childbirth or do they remain larger?

Answer Ladies can only wish (if they are as small as me) that their breasts will be permanently big. If you don't breastfeed they will go back to their original size. And if you do breastfeed they ... Read More »

How long after your water breaks will labour be over?

Answer It varies from person to person. My wife had all 5 of our children within 20 minutes of her water breakingAnswer If your water breaks, ten you will have 2 days ti have your baby at the most... Read More »