Please help im really scared my cut will never heal anymore help?

Answer Whoa whoa whoa boy! Calm down! Sadly i can't answer again after this, but you might want to put some periods and comas and..just punctuations. Slow down and explain better.

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Will drinking castor oil help bring on labor if you will be 37 weeks in 3 days?

Answer Caster oil may help bring on labour for some women - not everyone though. A normal pregnancy length is considered to be 38-40 weeks. Therefore if you are only 36.4 weeks, I would suggest you... Read More »

Where can a pregnant 16-year-old get help if her family and boyfriend will not help her?

AnswerGo to a women's health clinic, they'll help you if noone else will. AnswerYou can't force your family to help you because it's not their responsibility. It is the father's responsibility. So... Read More »

Will upgrading my RAM memory speed up my Pc will it help to my slow machine?

Yes, upgrading the Ram will help somewhat to speed up your machine. Windows makes use of a swap file on your harddrive to compensate for a lack of physical memory, but as the harddrive is a mechan... Read More »

I have 256 mb RAM in my computer. Will changing to one GB RAM will help for better perfomance?

First let's dispel a myth created by an answer above mine. Increasing RAM wil not by any means cool your computer in the least. It is the Heat sink and fan combo covering your CPU that takes care o... Read More »