Will u advise me ,how to clean the LCD monitor screen of my PC?

Answer with vinegar and water.make sure the monitor is turned off when you clean.clean with up and down strokes,not side to side.

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How to clean LED monitor screen if there are some oily dirts on the screen ?

Use deionised water on a piece of lint free cloth. Rub gently few times. Do not use any solvents or chemicals on the LED screen. Visit this web site.…

How do I clean my monitor screen and my HD tv screen Thanks.?

First, it's probably not a good idea to use anything like Windex or Fantastic. 3M makes a product called a "microfiber electronics cloth" that you can get at computer and office supply stores. It... Read More »

What Is the Best Way to Clean an LCD Monitor Screen?

Many computers come equipped with LCD monitors. These monitors provide vivid color and high-resolution display. Cleaning an LCD monitor requires a gentle touch and the right supplies. Using imprope... Read More »

What should I clean my LCD monitor screen with?

I wouldn''ll leave lint behind on your screen. Get a micro-fibre cloth, usually available at any auto parts store. They leave behind no lint and are very soft and won't scratch your screen.