Will trimming off stems that have flowered produce more flowers?

Answer A good online source for buying herb plants is Garden Harvest Supply. They offer many different herbs that are shipped in 3 inch pots.

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Will a yucca produce multiple flower stems?

The yucca plant is an evergreen with leaves shaped like swords. A yucca plant does not produce multiple flower stems; it produces one flower stalk with white or purple flowers.Source:The Flower Exp... Read More »

Do poppy flowers have thick stems&leaves?

Poppy flowers are actually quite delicate and fragile. They tend to grow in bunches, or can push their way between other flowers because of their thin stems and leaves. It is suggested that poppies... Read More »

Should I use fondant or gumpaste to make the 2 flowers/stems and large butterfly that are on top of this cake?

go with the gumpaste I don't believe the fondant will dry as hard plus they do use wire if you are making it stand up on its own.

When does the Vallisneria produce its flowers?

Vallisneria americana, more commonly known as American eelgrass, is found in the wetlands of the lower 48 states of the United States of America. It produces its flowers in mid-summer.References:Sa... Read More »