Will to much watts on my psu break my computer?

Answer It makes your pc better because now you can add more stuff to your pc life extra hard disk, fans etc. Bad part is your electric company will love you and increase your bill.

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How many watts does a Dell computer use?

Dell computers consume an average 89 watts when idle. Desktops use 65 to 120 watts; laptops, 15 to 45. The manufacturer typically reports the maximum wattage on the ... Read More »

Willl i have enough watts for my computer build?

Well assuming its a good 550W psu, it should work.But will leave not much room for adding other hardware or overclocking (and if you arnt overclocking, why did you waste money buying a K model cpu?... Read More »

How many watts are required to run a laptop computer?

On average, a laptop uses approximately 45 watts of electricity, which is equal to just over 100-kilowatt hours of electricity consumption per year. Performance of individual laptops will vary base... Read More »