Will to much watts on my psu break my computer?

Answer It makes your pc better because now you can add more stuff to your pc life extra hard disk, fans etc. Bad part is your electric company will love you and increase your bill.

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How much energy (watts) does a typical "nothing special" computer use per hour?

Desktop PCs don't use much electricity at all, even high end builds are set to lower power consumption when it is not needed. So if you are just using MS Word then there is no need for 2.5Ghz over ... Read More »

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If I leave my Windows XP computer on "Hibernate" the whole night, will it break?

Yep, it will cause WW3...Nah, it wont do anything other than use a little more power than shut down would.

If i install Windows XP on a Windows 98 computer will the computer break?

no, it's fine do itwith the money bill gates has and the monopoly that microsoft has trust me windows will never cause your computer to break, just run very slowYou can actually install windows 98 ... Read More »