Will price match a US price?

Answer No.Order it from the USA, and you may save a few bucks.If you have to return it for repair, you'll lose way more money than you saved.So, flip a coin.

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Do Jessops still do a price match on cameras?

as far as i know they do But they will not always offer the price if it is a "sale" or promotion " in or phone uphope this helps

How does Walmart's price match work?

One of the ways Walmart maintains some of the lowest retail prices around occurs through the use of its price matching policy. With price matching, Walmart agrees to lower costs of merchandise if a... Read More »

The sale price of a photography book is 20 percent off the list price if the sale price of the book is 10 what is the list price?

What is the accounting term for the difference between a list price& a discounted price?

Accountants use the term "discount" to refer to the difference between the list price and the net price, or discounted price. It is the same thing as the list price multiplied by the discount rate.... Read More »