Will this processor work in my PC?

Answer Here is the CPU support list for the Inspiron 570, c man is right about requiring a bios uptadate 27VM5 AMD Phenom X4 640 3.008KDMP AMD Phenom X4 635 2.90V2PYH AMD Phenom X4 630 2.802PJ3W AMD Pheno... Read More »

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Will this graphics card work with this processor?

yes it works,But i think you should go with HD 6850 is priced 140 $ ANd far better than 7750.

Will this processor work with this motherboard?

"Supports Dual QPI Socket 1366 Intel Xeon 5600 and 5500 Processors"Xeon…

Will this processor work for a gaming pc?

Get an i5 processor.. That i3 processor is not good enough.. Get the Intel Core-i5 3350P Quad-Core Processor 3.1 Ghz for $169 and then ensure you have at least a mid- range graphics card. http://... Read More »

Will this Processor work in my computer?

No, it won't work. The Pentium D uses socket 775 and the i3 uses socket 1155. The socket types are not compatible.