Will this power supply damage my Router or will the power supply go up in smoke?

Answer 12v to 5v that is to low it will not work properly.Probably enough to bring lights on but not to workThis will not harm the linksys so try if you wanthigher volts is the killer.Edit seen your ad... Read More »

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Will this power supply be enough?

Video card>500 Watt or greater power supply recommended 700W x 80% = 560W

Will this Power Supply fit into my PC?

All PSUs are a standard size and will fit any tower.You'll even find the mounting screw holes will even line up.The same with drive bays. They are all the same size in any tower.Towers have always ... Read More »

Will this power supply work?

Your new power supply will work perfectly fine with your old as your new motherboard, well as long you connect it in the right way :POh and just wondering but to what graphic card will you upgrade ... Read More »

Will this power supply fit in my PC and be compatible with my graphics card!?

Your PC has a power supply, of 250 watts and it not even close to enough for that card. You'll need a 500 Watt Power Supply. Get a good Quality power supply. Cheap one usually fail, and other parts... Read More »