Will this offend some people?

Answer Yes it will Nicole. U r a giraffe

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Is this video ok or will it offend some people?

I can't see why anyone would be offended by this your simply giving reasons why teenagers shouldn't drink and backing that up with some statistics. The only people who would find this offensive wou... Read More »

Is this video ok or will it offend people?

Hey at least you're warning people! It's perfectly fine. Although...change that GOD awful song! LOL it seems like it's been on the radio for years now and it won't stop!!

Are braces cool people are jerks and say no some people yes i think yes if u believe in the whole in high school people will make fun of me thing then try to get them as early as possible?

Braces are definitely cool once they're off! And since plenty of people in high school have them, all it takes is some self-confidence and people will see them as cool too. You can't get them 'as e... Read More »

Why Do Some People In This Section, Get So Upset Over People Having Friendships Online?

Uh oh Charli, you and this secret life you are having without me *shakes finger* tut tut.I miss out on inside jokes all the time I can feel my undies are getting in a wad........OH NO the anger is ... Read More »