Will this machine run ubuntu?

Answer Linux will out perform one thousand to one on a high spec. machineI thoroughly recommend Linux Mint 8 Main Edition which is built upon Ubuntu 9.10 Its easy to install and easy to use plus it comes ... Read More »

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How to Install Java Virtual Machine in Ubuntu?

The Java Virtual Machine is most commonly known as the Java Runtime Environment and allows your computer to run applications written in the Java programming language. Released in 1995, Java allows ... Read More »

Need a wood cabinet for Kenmore sewing machine model 148-280 and how old is this machine and what is it worth?

Used Kenmore sewing cabinets sell for between $10 - 20. I'm unsure of the exact year your machine was manufactured but the resale value of this sewing machine is approximately zero ($0.00). There i... Read More »

Need help changing the screen resolution on a virtual Ubuntu machine?

You need to install VirtualBox Guest AdditionsHowTo install VirtualBox Guest Additions…LUg.

How can you hook up a regular washing machine to the sink like a portable washing machine Is it possible to do this with the hoses or is there a conversion kit?

I approached the problem of first attaching one end of a garden hose to an outside garden tap connection, and connecting another tap to the other end with a compattable thread for the washing machi... Read More »