Will this machine run ubuntu?

Answer Linux will out perform one thousand to one on a high spec. machineI thoroughly recommend Linux Mint 8 Main Edition which is built upon Ubuntu 9.10 Its easy to install and easy to use plus it comes ... Read More »

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How to Install Java Virtual Machine in Ubuntu?

The Java Virtual Machine is most commonly known as the Java Runtime Environment and allows your computer to run applications written in the Java programming language. Released in 1995, Java allows ... Read More »

Need help changing the screen resolution on a virtual Ubuntu machine?

You need to install VirtualBox Guest AdditionsHowTo install VirtualBox Guest Additions…LUg.

Whats the difference between ubuntu 9.10 and ubuntu 10.4?

Ubuntu 9.10 KarmicKoala/TechnicalOverview…Ubuntu 10.04 LucidLynx/TechnicalOverview…To upgrade from Ubuntu 9.10 on... Read More »

How to Install Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.1 in Ubuntu 10.10?

If you wanna to install this package manually, just go to their homepage. There you will be able to see which versions are available and which version you need. Second way is to install this applic... Read More »